How can I register in Bolisaty?

We know it can be a bit confusing to register for Bolisaty online. For this reason, let us take the responsibility of registering your company if you haven’t done so!

For us to do so, we will need your username and password which can be acquired by your PRO or authorized personnel by visiting Tadweer (Center of Waste Management) office in person. Kindly arrange for the same at your earliest convenience.

Here are the steps to follow before going to Tadweer:

1.    Fill the registration application form which can be obtained through this link.

2.    Make sure to bring complete requirements:

  • license copy
  • valid ID copy for the owner or the authorized person
  • power of attorney for the authorized person
  • signature authorization (authentication of signature) for the owner or the authorized person

3.    An email confirmation with your username and password will be sent via email by Tadweer after you have successfully completed the steps above.

Please get back to us once you have your username and password and we will complete the contract registration for you!

Should you wish to call Tadweer to get more information, you can reach them by calling 800555.

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