How do I remove my PIN in my Bolisaty contract?

If you have a PIN code set-up on your contract, we will not be able to easily complete the collection request in our system as we have to ask you for your PIN code every time we come for collection. So, to make things a lot easier for both us, we highly recommend that you remove the PIN code!

To remove the PIN code, you will have to go to Bolisaty website and go to your contract. At the end of the contract page that’s already active, check if there are 4 hidden digits. You need to click No to deactivate the PIN code. If you cannot see any 4 digits though, that means you don’t have a PIN code set-up so you do not need to do anything at this point.

If ever you are unable to remove the PIN code, go ahead and change it to 1234 instead.

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